As your one stop global resource for financial investigations, Hayes Forensics will provide you with a range of options tailored for your particular case.

More specifically you will engage us in the following situations:


Divorce Finances & Financial Settlements

Addressing financial settlements in a divorce or separation can often be difficult and complex and we can assist you with all enquiries; especially international matters involving hidden assets, offshore trusts and technical tax arrangements


Hidden Assets & Income Tracing 

We conduct financial investigations to uncover hidden assets of the other party that can often occur during divorce and litigation claims, working alongside your lawyers to maximise recoveries.


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Offering a range of financial investigation services through a tailored, personal approach for both local family disagreements through to extensive multi-million financial fraud claims


Forensic Data Collection Investigation Services

Using our expertise and mathematics modelling we are able to undertake discreet investigations into a party’s financial interests to locate and secure data that was previously unknown or had been overlooked.


How We Work:

We believe that our work should be driven by a return commensurate with the costs, and that an open-ended fees approach is inefficient and lacks the incentive to provide results. Everything we do for you will be presented in a clear and concise manner, and we provide secure encrypted transfer of data for your records. We will work with you, and your lawyers, to ensure that the output is of the required form for your purpose using the latest digital processing and blockchain technology as needed. We will provide insightful and expert guidance for court submissions and cross-examination, as well as independent expert evidence and witness statements where these may be required to assist the determination of the financial position in Court proceedings.

Let us talk you through how you can achieve more value from our investigation, and join us as we work alongside you from service of proceedings to final recovery. We are particularly experienced in working on cases where payment of fees may be dependent on receiving monetary awards from a court order. We can also help develop a litigation funding proposal which is tailored to your specific circumstances.

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