Financial Investigation Case Studies

At Hayes Forensics we have carried out a number of financial investigations, covering divorce financial settlements, asset tracing, as well as litigation and dispute resolution in the UK and across Europe


As soon as you engage us, you will feel an added dimension and clarity for your case. A truly new way of working together and collaborating as a team. We pull out all the stops to get you what you need, with close attention to the detail that really matters.

Most people are familiar with the expression thinking outside of the box. To bring another line of thought to a problem can achieve more helpful solutions. But what if that process is hindered? As Einstein said we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking which caused them. Try thinking of a yellow elephant and then not thinking about it, does it go away? Let us help you clear the blockages and open up new channels of discovery.

Our methodology presents a multi layered approach to financial investigations, and a fresh pair of eyes and ears unencumbered by yellow elephants. Yes we follow the money, but often there is a need to find it first and it is usually hidden in the most unexpected places. As each branch of investigation unfolds we carefully secure the data and entry point, to determine the full extent of available intelligence and its relevance for the case in hand.

And once you uncover this new source of information, you need to understand the practicalities and legalities of turning this into the documentary evidence required to present in court. We have a wide range of experience in knowing which tools to use and, more importantly, how to use them to give you the best opportunity to advance your claim. It is quite possible to pierce the veil of confidentiality, even in jurisdictions which have been known to protect banking secrecy. We have the knowledge and experience of how to do this in the most effective ways.

Here are just a few examples of our previous assignments to illustrate what we do. We are always happy to expand on our full capabilities for your particular circumstances.

Find hidden assets and undisclosed income in Divorce proceedings:

  • Divorce proceedings to trace and recover marital funds located in a number of countries across Europe and North America. Identified hidden assets in private unincorporated associations as well as other constructive entities. Used formal legal process for gaining assistance in the foreign courts to require evidence to be disclosed by banks and institutions used by the other party, which may otherwise be considered confidential. Drafted all necessary requests in conjunction with lawyers, to ensure information was in line with accounting and financial principles for presenting as evidence in court.

Corporate financial investigation in civil and criminal fraud:

  • Corporate civil fraud claim involving regulated financial services business in the UK and an EU member state. Traced unauthorised funds flow through to other EU member states and a holding structure in an offshore financial centre based outside Europe. Identified chain of custody and share ownership, including the identities of onshore and offshore directors involved in moving the funds. Advised client on appropriate course of action in conjunction with lawyers.

Consolidation and transfer of Private Pension Scheme:

  • Consolidation of Private Pension Scheme in UK including review of FCA regulations and UK tax rules. Investigated flow of funds from existing arrangements to ensure all relevant monies could be transferred and arranged regulatory approval for these. Challenged costs of arrangements by reference to comparative schemes elsewhere, and avoided the need for protracted legal action against previous advisers by negotiating favourable settlement on behalf of our client.

Financial Investigation into misappropriation of deceased person’s estate, will and probate fraud:

  • Misappropriation of probate funds. Acted for son of deceased lady whose financial affairs had been managed before her death by a sibling without the knowledge of our client. Identified a series of unauthorised transfers to the sibling and worked with lawyers to determine the legal remedies available to our client. Traced movement of monies via bank accounts, insurance policies and other sources to identify and quantify the extent of missing funds. Advised client on suitable course of action for recovery in conjunction with lawyers