About Us

We love a challenge, especially in complex cases where lines of investigation cross international borders and the means of extraction requires careful strategic planning.

That’s exactly where we excel: by utilising innovative techniques combining the latest digital processing with a skilled analogue insight.

Our Services

We believe that our work should be driven by a return commensurate with the costs, and that an open-ended fees approach is inefficient and lacks the incentive to provide results. We offer personal specialist financial investigations for your particular case. Whether it be asset tracing or financial settlements throughout a divorce or dispute resolution between parties.

Our Vision

Hayes Forensics was established by our founder John Hayes to provide a niche litigation support service, focused on delivering much needed high quality global financial investigations.


Hayes Forensics

Matrimonial and Shared Finances

Whether you are contemplating a formal divorce or separation from a long-term partner, the question of shared financial resources will need to be addressed…

Litigation and Disputes

From family quarrels over money and trust arrangements to full blown contractual disagreements, Hayes Forensics is your first point of call to determine the financial parameters of your case…

Data Gathering and Online Investigations

First of all, we don’t use jargon to blind you into believing we are alchemists or that we can in some way find anything and everything. We follow up all available lines of investigation to
find the information you really need…

Locating Hidden Assets and Income

In financial disputes, and especially in a divorce, it is expected that suspicions will be aroused around finances. We can quickly assess the situation at an early stage…

We offer a free initial consultation by telephone to discuss the financial aspects of your case. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment with a forensic accountant.