Hidden Assets and Income Tracing

In financial disputes, and especially in a divorce, it is expected that suspicions will be aroused around finances, and that one party believes the other isn’t telling everything. We can quickly assess the situation at an early stage to determine whether it is likely that a forensic investigation will uncover significant amounts for distribution, and whether the costs justify the possible outcome.

It’s usually a good idea to look at your options for investigation well before you start proceedings or issuing formal writs and claims. If you wait until you get to Court, you may find there are limitations on what further enquiries can be made in time, and we will operate in conjunction with your legal team for maximum benefit.

We are particularly conversant with the use of asset protection techniques and disguised remuneration schemes, both locally and internationally, and the means to unlock their secrets. Today the use of such arrangements is becoming more prevalent in many jurisdictions around the world. It can often seem a daunting task when one party becomes aware of these methods being used to hide financial resources which should otherwise be disclosed in legal proceedings.

Although Courts may take a dim view of a party’s attempts to conceal assets (and thereby allowing adverse inference to be drawn against that party) this may not, in itself, always help you find what is missing. We work carefully with lawyers in proceedings to create a legally sustainable strategy which maximises recoveries, whilst at the same time ensuring the non-disclosure by the other party is fully illuminated to the Court. This provides a suitable combination of financial settlement in your favour and the consequent penalties being applied to the other side.

We will, however, always take an extremely pragmatic view knowing that emotions may be running high, especially in a separation where children are involved. The need for a speedy resolution is often in the best interests of both parties and we will work with you to ensure that unnecessary time and costs are not wasted on finding the last grain of sand. We believe wholeheartedly on meeting the needs of the individual first and foremost.


Consultation To Locate Hidden Assets 

We offer an initial free telephone consultation to talk you through the pros and cons of financial investigations, and this will usually determine the extent of any further work needed.

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