Data Gathering and Online Investigations

First of all, we don’t use jargon to blind you into believing we are alchemists or that we can in some way find anything and everything across the internet. We can’t and neither can anyone else in our view. Whether through extensive internet resources, or other channels, gathering masses of data and then processing it through AI driven algorithms will only achieve a limited result.

Whilst that methodology may be acceptable in many cases, and we will use that where necessary, we look to a more analogue and human based analysis which machine driven processes simply cannot match. What we do is quite straightforward and uses the expertise of people who have been able to discover information that was previously unknown or had been overlooked.

Alongside this we apply our underlying structural methodology using mathematics as a key element of these techniques, as explained in our vision. We would love to share our experiences and explain how our unique approach and deep knowledge of complex situations will be of benefit to you.


Consultation For Your Data Gathering

For a short introduction to this line of investigation, we can offer an initial half hour consultation via Zoom to help you decide the scope of our work for you. Please contact us now to arrange this, and specify data gathering in your enquiry.